EARTH & PEOPLE was born in 2019 out of a true desire to provide a one stop shop for eco-friendly, zero waste products for everyday use while creating awareness about environmental issues affecting our world.
That year (2019) I learned about the Zero Waste Movement and was instantly inspired to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle to minimize waste and use more clean, eco-friendly options in my daily routine. After a few months I was quickly adapting to the changes. I stopped using paper towel, stopped using bath products packaged in plastic bottles; started reusing and repurposing things around my house instead of throwing them away, and started formulating and creating eco-friendly products for my zero-waste skin care routine. I was so involved in the movement that I started talking about it with friends and family and was able to inspire them as well to be more eco-conscious with their own daily routines. I understood then that what we really needed was awareness about how our consumption affects the environment. Not only how much we use and throw away but also what we use in our bodies and around our house. 
I decided to put over a decade of merchandising and product development experience working for big corporations to good use and built a company from scratch, a company that now sells organic, sustainably sourced products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment. From day 1, I meant to use this business platform to create awareness about the environmental issues we are facing but providing a solution through our products. That's how EARTH & PEOPLE was born.
Fast Forward to 2020 and we have developed over 60 eco-friendly products in categories such as skin care, hair care, and home consumables. Everything we produce is made in the USA by people that really you and me!
Our goal is to scale this business and become the top retailer for zero waste, sustainable product solutions in the world. We will continue to expand our product selection under our own EARTH & PEOPLE Brand, and we'll partner with existing brands in the zero-waste movement to have them available in our website as well. Come join us in our Journey, we can't make this possible without YOU!