At EARTH & PEOPLE we believe that is crucial to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources in order to live in harmony with each other and the planet.  We want to lead by example with all the business practices we put in place to minimize our carbon footprint and give back to our Mother Earth. For us, profit can’t come at the expense of the misuse of resources or by creating more pollution. The world is already telling us in many ways that if we continue down this path, we won’t have a safe home for future generations. With this in mind we have put in place business practices that are aligned with our company values. Here are some examples:

Use of Organic & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

We carefully select our ingredients, in its vast majority certified organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced whenever possible. We want you to be safe with the products you purchase from us and we also want to ensure the product is sourced from business partners that share the same values we do. For us, the people involved in the production or processing of our ingredients are as important as our customers. They should get paid fair and livable wage, and they should have a safe work environment.

No Preservatives, Artificial Colorant, Fragrances or Chemicals   

We believe that everything we need to make our product safe and effective is within our reach and all around's in Nature! That is why we use natural colorants like Turmeric, Activated Charcoal, or Clays; Essential Oils instead of fragrances; and Natural Preservatives like Vitamin E instead of harmful chemical preservatives. If a product requires either chemical preservatives or artificial colorants that could harm our customers or the environment, we just don't make them!

Zero Waste Packaging    

Our products are packaged in recyclable and/or reusable paper tubes, paper or cello bags, glass jars or glass bottles. By doing this we are considerably reducing the garbage that otherwise will end up in our landfills. And of course, we DON'T use Plastic Packaging! Plastic is the WORST... Some plastic could take up to 1,000 years to decompose in landfills! It is just not worth it.

Use of Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials    

Every product shipped out of our warehouse uses sustainable shipping materials and NO PLASTIC. We use 100% recycled poly or padded mailers, 100% recycled boxes; Green Wrap instead of Bubble Wrap, and Water Activated tape instead of regular tape, just to name a few. Yes, this combined with our plastic free packaging, puts a lot of pressure in our bottom line but it is the right thing to do. The goal here is to minimize first use consumption and reuse the same materials keeping the cycle going for as long as possible without using more natural resources. We ask you to continue the cycle or reuse, repurpose, and/or recycle once our products get to your home. We count on YOU to make this world a better place! 

Planting a Tree for Every Order    

Because there is no perfect solution for the ongoing dilemma of using natural resources to make our product, we wanted to give back in a way that is tangible for you and beneficial for the environment. That's how our commitment to planting a tree for every order started. The world is suffering from ongoing deforestation and every year that goes by we have less and less green areas around our cities and towns. Starting January 2020, we will have our first "Plant a Tree with Earth & People" event in Atlanta, GA, honoring our initiative and we will invite everyone that wants to participate to come and give us a hand. This is a great way to meet some of our local customers and all of us TOGETHER, make a positive impact in this world. We'll give details about our quarterly events via Newsletter and we'll post pictures and information about them once a quarter. We hope to see you there!